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If you have these things listed, please cut yourself, with spoons.
!, ..., 6.02x10^23, ?, adolf hitler, animorphs, anti-drugs, baby animals, bbc, beer, being a bitch, being a girly girl, being cool, being drunker than you, being ironic, being wierd, bible slash, bible study, blink 182, bono, brand new, buckfast, burger king, cactus, catcher in the rye, cathouse unders, cellar door, cheese, chicken nuggets, conor oberst omg!, creed, crying, cuddles, deoxyribonucleic acid, did i mention boys?, donnie darko, dream theater, eat the rich, electric six, emo, eric clapton, evanescence, eyeliner, felching, finding myself, fingers, friends only, fucking shit up, furry, george bush, getting blowjobs, god, goth chicks, gwen stefani, hardcore porn, harry potter slash, hating myself, hating rolf harris, heroin, heterosexuals, hyper, i-pod, indie, indy boys, islamic jihad, jeffrey archer, john grisham, kidney stones, killing people, kurt cobain's suicide, livejournal drama, lmao, lol!, lung cancer, manowar, metallica, missing school, money, moshers, my band, my bed, my boyfriend, my cat, my dog, my fuck buddy, my girlfriend, my ipod, nightwish, nme, obscure jazz, octopus, offspring, omg, omg wtf lol, ovarian cysts, pete docherty, piercings, pretending to be bisexual, pro-ana, puppetry of the penis, pussy, red meat, sex sex sex, shagging, snow patrol, sodium chloride, spoons, stars, straight edge, sugar, taking back sunday, the ghetto, the killers, the olsen twins, the scene, the smiths, the virgin mary, time travel, tomatoes, unpretentious people, unrequited love, velvet revolver, white bread, white supremacy, willies, wolfgang amadeus mozart, x, y, you, you suck i rule, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, z